Military Units

Battles are a common thing in Creation and some of the most spectacular fighting is done by armies. Not all nations have the same sizes of their armies so this page will contain the different sizes and names that the nations have for their set-ups.

Magnitude is the measurement the game uses for mechanical purposes to represent unit sizes.

Unit size is the number of soldiers that a given magnitude number can represent.

Realm size is the size this unit magnitude has within the Realm, many nations try to follow the same sizes.

Equivalent is what these unit sizes are normally called.

The rest is the ranks the officers have when they command such units in different languages and armies.

Magnitude Unit size Realm Size Equivalent Low Realm High Realm Lookshy
0 1 1 Solo
1 2-10 5 Fang Sergeant Fanglord Gochei
2 11-75 25 Scale Lieutenant Scalelord Sochei
3 76-150 125 Talon Captain Talonlord Chozei
4 151-300 250 Wing Major Winglord Taizei/Shozei
5 301-650 500 Dragon Colonel Dragonlord Shozei/Kazei
6 651-1200
7 1201-2500
8 2501-5000 5000 Legion General Stratego Taimyo-yin
9 5001-10000 10000 First Age Legion

Military Units

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