The exalted are the chosen champions of Creation, created to fight in the war to free the world from the clutches of the Primordials. But that is as ancient as history comes, now they are the true heroes of the world, movers and shakers, those that topple nations and defeat armies. To the people of Creation they are simply called exalted.

Any mortal can become an exalt if the correct opportunity arises, the process is called taking the second breath, or exaltation. It’s called second breath since it is the single-most important moment in that mortal’s lifes since taking their first breath after being born.

The exalted come in many different forms, all created for different purposes and they all have different origins and criteria for exaltation. They come in two major groups: The terrestrial exalted and the celestial exalted.

The terrestrial exalted are supposed to be the foot-soldiers of the exalted armies. They are individually very powerful beings, but when working together they increase their potential tenfold. While not the most powerful type of exalt they more than make up for it in numbers, outnumbering the other exalts by hundreds to one.

The celestial exalted are the greatest champions ever to walk the face of Creation. They come in a variety of different types with different potential and specialization, their only true drawback is their very limited numbers.


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