Temple of Haiark

In the center of the city of Arc lies possibly it’s oldest building, dedicated to the city-father of Arc named Hai’ark Shining Towers. Even if Hai’ark has had the position of city-father for longer than any mortal can remember she is still rather new to the position. Her temple belonged to the former city-father and is a tall and beautifully decorated building.

The temple used to be the the most beautiful in all of Arc and was frequently visited by all citizens. But nowadays the temple stands mostly empty, except for the one remaining priestess named Waila. The paintings on the walls have faded and lost much of it’s previous knowledge of the city’s history.

The decline of the worship of the city-father is mostly blamed on King Harrow who saw the priest of the city-father as a threat early in his reign. He had several priests murdered and spread lies about the loyal worshipers of Hai’ark.

In recent years the cult of the raven-god has taken away much worship from the once proud state-religion of the kingdom of Arc. The people are either too scared to trust in their city-father or lost hope in the kingdom all together.

Temple of Haiark

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