Sorcery is a very different type of essence manipulation compared to charms. Through Sorcery a sorcerer can cast spells that can be very powerful and cause effects that would be impossible to do with charms.

Sorcery comes in three power-levels:

  • Terrestrial / Emerald Circle Sorcery
  • Celestial / Sapphire Circle Sorcery
  • Solar / Adamant Circle Sorcery

The maximum level of sorcery a being can learn depends on the type of being, here is a simple chart to show the maximum level of sorcery for different beings.

Exalt Type Sorcery Level
Enlightened mortal Terrestrial Circle
Dragon-blooded Terrestrial Circle
Celestial exalted Celestial Circle
Abyssal exalted Celestial Circle
Solar Exalted Solar Circle

To be able to practice Sorcery one must be initiated and each level requires a different level of initiation. Initiation comes in the form of five trials:

  • Humility
  • Tutelage
  • Journey
  • Fear
  • Sacrifice


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