RY 768

Present Day

12 years have passed since King Harrow’s usurpation of the throne and much has changed in the years since then. Dark times are upon the kingdom of Arc, and hope is rarely found anymore.

Crime has rampantly spread across the entire kingdom and the criminal gangs that rule the streets have more power than ever before, and the soldiers that are supposed to fight the criminals are throughly corrupt and nearly as dangerous.

The previously widespread worship of local gods has been subjugated by the new raven-god cult that in recent years has had the kingdom of Arc in it’s grasp. The feathered black robes of the cultists can now be seen everywhere.

Even the plague has found a place in the country, those sick are thrown out of towns and outside the city of Arc a new city district is forming where the sick huddle together since the city gates are closed for their kind. The only ones helping are the raven-cultists that simultaneously spread their gospel to the god-forsaken masses.

And in the countryside bandits roam uncontrolled. And rumors of previously docile forest spirits turning hostile spread on a daily basis.

The kingdom of Arc is truly in need of heroes…

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RY 768

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