RY 764

...4 years ago…

The fall of Thorns

One year following the news of the Scarlet Empress’ disappearance Creation was shook by the next big news. The city-state of Thorns to the south-east had fallen to enemy forces. But this was no ordinary army that had conquered the city.

An army of zombies and war ghosts from The Underworld had taken control the city. News of the city’s new ruler also spread around the world, a mighty entity known simply as the Mask of Winters was the mastermind behind the otherworldly invasion into Creation.

Not even the city’s large host of dragon-blooded warriors could stand against the so-called death knights that lead the undead forces into battle. And when the city fell a shadowland started spreading over the region.

When the news reached the region around Arc the fighting between Arc and Helim forces ceased, even if no peace-treaty was signed. The war is still going on but no greater military actions have been made by either side of the conflict. Mercenaries without a contract have become rare in the Hundred Kingdoms since the news came. Every country in the region has been stockpiling weapons and training soldiers, in waiting for what’s to come.

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RY 764

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