RY 758

...10 years ago…

Death of Kaiyun

In the beginning of year 758 the aged dragon-blooded sorcerer Kaiyun died in his manse on the summit of the great peak Windtooth. The nearly 220 year old sorcerer had isolated himself in the last few years of his life and it took nearly six months before word of his death reached anyone.

“Aeyun of the Stormwinds” takes control of Windtooth

When news of his death spread it turned out that the manse House of Chimes was now controlled by Aeyun of the Stormwinds a young dragon-blood who had been the old sorcerer’s lover for the last half-dozen years before his death. She inherited everything that was his, including the manse he had built.

The young dragon-blood (only 31 years old at the time) had also been studying the arts of sorcery under Kaiyun’s tutelage, but with the old man dead she could easily initiate herself into sorcery using the parts of his library she had previously been forbidden to use. The sacrifice she made to gain the mighty initiation into sorcery was her own warmth. And since that day she has constantly been surrounded by ice-cold winds that forever play with her snow-white hair.

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RY 758

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