RY 756

...12 years ago…

Prince Harrow usurps the throne

The year following the murder of General Sarei’s family the coup makers struck their decisive blow. Two weeks after calibration, when troops loyal to the king were on a military exercise (conveniently ordered by General Sarei) the City of Arc was easily taken control of and the royal palace of Arc was besieged by the coup maker’s forces.

Death of Sirhain II

King Sirhain II’s royal guard withstood the siege for three days before the palace fell into enemy hands. Very few witness reports about what took place in the castle exist.

Official sources say that Harrow defeated his brother in single combat and took the royal sword Bodakh’s Will from his brother’s dead corpse.

When the following chaos has been contained it’s evident that the Lost Prince has been smuggled out of the palace through secret tunnels together with his bodyguard and a trusty servant. Harrow sends men to find the heir to Sirhain II but the trail disappears in Great Forks to the south.

Shortly thereafter Harrow declares himself king and after the coronation ceremony a massive purge against those opposing the new king is started. Several of the kingdoms noble houses are completely destroyed and many public servants are killed within the first few weeks after the coup.

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RY 756

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