RY 755

...13 years ago…

Harrow’s plans are set in motion

In the year 755 Prince Harrow made the first major steps in his plans for taking control of the throne of Arc. He had tried getting the highly decorated General Sarei on his side for a long time, but the old war-hero’s loyalty to his king was ironclad. But Harrow decided to use Sarei’s one weakness, his wife and family.

In a cunning move Harrow let bandits from Helim Woods burn and loot the small border village where the general’s wife and children lived. The bandit’s used raiding tactics used by Helim raiders during the war, thus shifting blame on the neighboring country.

The plan worked perfectly, every living member of the town was killed and the little evidence there was pointed towards Helim. General Sarei recognized the tactics used by the bandits and urged King Sirhain II to give him the right to claim revenge for the murder of his family. But the king didn’t think evidence was strong enough to justify military actions against the allied country.

Since the king wouldn’t listen General Sarei found another one who would. Harrow approached the furious and heavy-hearted war-hero and offered him military retribution in exchange for his help in the coming coup, and in his weak state he accepted.

By careful planning Harrow had maneuvered the commander of the kingdom’s armed forces to his side. The decision to aid Harrow would later weight heavily on the once honorable general’s heart.

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RY 755

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