RY 738

...30 years ago…

Death of King Sirhain

In year 738 King Sirhain died after a long period of sickness. When news spread around the kingdom that the king was dead the people mourned their beloved ruler.

Sirhain had ruled the kingdom of Arc for 41 years, birthed two sons and stopped the war against Helim. This made him the most successful regent in Arc’s history.

Crowning of Sirhain II

Crown-prince Sirhain II took up the throne after his fathers death and during the grand crowning-ceremony he finally married the Helim princess he had been betrothed to since his birth.

The festivities in connection to the crowning-ceremony attracted guests from all neighboring countries and even large parts of the Helim royal-family attended. The alliance between the nations was further strengthened with increased cooperation.

But not everyone was happy with the direction the kingdom was going. Prince Harrow began gathering a secret society around himself, and plans for a coup were being made.

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RY 738

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