RY 697

...71 years ago…

Death of Bodakh

Only four years after the great warlord Bodakh had conquered the city something unexpected happened. During a great feast held in his honor Bodakh was struck with great pains and died in sickbed two days later. This came as a huge shock to everyone since Bodakh had proved to be as great a ruler as he was a warrior.

Rumors started spreading about him being poisoned but opinions on who had done the deed varied greatly. Some say it was retribution from the Helim noblemen who were forced in exile four years prior. Others say it was his own son who wanted the throne. Some even go so far to say that Bodakh staged his own demise.

Even though many decades have passed since then no one was ever officially blamed for the event.

Birth of the kingdom of Arc

When Bodakh died it was his son Sirhain who announced that the great warlord was dead, and the city-state of Arc with him. In it’s stead there would now be the kingdom of Arc, with King Sirhain on it’s throne. The sword Bodakh had used became the royal sword of Arc and every king since Sirhain has wielded Bodakh’s Will.

This proclamation drove the neighbors and enemies Helim even more furious and the conflict escalated, but Arc could easily fight back Helim attacks with the great riches left behind by the late king Bodakh.

The young King Sirhain proved to be a superb regent and under his rule the people learned to love their kingdom and it’s regent. The kingdom grew to become a stable and proud country in the Hundred Kingdoms.

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RY 697

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