RY 693

...75 years ago…

Warlord Bodakh arrives and conquers Arc

In Realm Year 693 a formerly unknown warlord by the name Bodakh arrived from nowhere with a small army of mercenaries by his side, and their eyes were set on Arc. The city had seen similar scenarios played out previously and prepared to be besieged. But this warlord had other plans in mind.

While the army besieged the city gates Bodakh and a handful of allies sneaked into the city. He was accompanied by his greatest warriors and a mighty dragon-blooded sorcerer by the name of Kaiyun. They created a diversion by blowing up the southern city gate with the help of Kaiyun’s magic.

While the city defenders were busy holding off the mercenary army, Bodakh and his men assaulted the palace. After a short battle against the Helim governors bodyguards the ruler of the city surrendered. Only a few hours after that, the fighting ceased and Bodakh exiled the Helim nobles that had ruled Arc until then.

Helim counterattacks

The fall of Arc came as a large chock to the people of Helim, they quickly assembled an army to regain the city before the defenses had been rebuilt. But that appeared to be harder than they had thought. When the Helim army arrived at Arc the defenses were still under reconstruction, but Bodakh had decided to meet the army on the battlefield.

The Helim army was larger and better equipped but Bodakh turned this battle into a victory by other means. The mighty sorcerer Kaiyun had summoned warrior demons to fight by their side in the coming battle. After several hours of fighting Bodakh surprised the enemy by charging his cavalry straight into the enemy flank, together with a major offensive by the demons this broke the enemy morale and they were forced to retreat the field of battle. Bodakh was victorious in battle once again due to supernatural aid.

This was the last time an enemy army came this close to the city.

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RY 693

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