Kingdom of Arc

The Kingdom of Arc


When most people think of Arc they mostly think of the city of Arc, but the surrounding countryside has a long and exciting history as well. The kingdom itself has only existed since the conquering warlord Bodakh died and his son Sirhain took upon himself the title of king, thus changing the city-state of Arc into a kingdom.

The surrounding region contains varied areas with their own secrets and problems. And with those problems stacking up against the small kingdom something is bound to happen soon, whether heroes step in to change the situation or not.


The kingdom of Arc is a small kingdom in the Hundred Kingdoms. It is located on the Green River, a tributary river to the great Yellow River down south. To the west lies the neighboring country Helim, that Arc is currently in a standstill-war against.

The country is mostly flat farmlands with the exception of a few areas: The incredibly fertile Gray Hills to the north, the almost barren wasteland known as the Jadegrounds to the north-west and M’ok Swamp across the river to the southwest.

There are two major forests in the kingdom: The ancient and mysterious Arc Forest that spreads it’s roots in the south and the bandit-filled Helim Woods to the north-west.

There is only one mountain in Arc but Windtooth is a majestic landmark that can be seen from all over the country on clear days. It is said that a powerful sorceress lives on the summit.


Besides the city of Arc there are two prominent towns in the kingdom, the rest are mostly tiny hamlets and farming communities.

The fishing town of M’ok lies to the south of the city and serves as the country’s official harbor. This is mostly the first place visitors from downriver see when they come to Arc.

To the west, next to an impressive and ancient bridge lies the town of Ankree. The town used to be an important trading hub for traders going to the former allied country Helim, but since the war broke out this town has been transformed into the last line of defense before the city itself.

Other Locations

In the northern parts of Arc lies an ancient and mysterious place called Sanctuary. These mighty pillars have miraculously withstood the touch of time and it is said that those who visit this place feel an odd sense of calm.

Export and Import

The region is very fertile and can normally produce four rice crops each year (on good years the region can produce up to five crops each year), this means that a single peasant can nourish a large number of city-folk.

Arc’s primary income comes from exporting food downriver to cities such as Great Forks and Nexus, they do not care if the food they import comes from an unstable region as long as it’s sold cheap. Other sources of income for the kingdom are:
  • Small scale mining industry
  • Livestock breeding
  • A healthy fishing industry

Arc used to export a lot of it’s logging excess, but nowadays lumber is in short supply since the spirit court of Arc Forest has become hostile towards intruders.

The kingdom imports that which they cannot produce on their own, and most things are brought from traders heading down river from kingdoms and provinces up north. The main import goods are:
  • Stone and lumber used for construction
  • Metals used for blacksmithing
  • Poor quality weapons from upriver
  • Good quality weapons from downriver

Travel times

Start Destination Travel time by foot Travel time by horse
Arc M’ok 5 hours 2,5 hours
Arc Ankree 11 hours 5,5 hours
M’ok Ankree 9 hours 4,5 hours
Arc Windtooth 5 hours 2,5 hours
Arc Sanctuary 10 hours 5 hours
Arc Jadegrounds 12,5 hours 6,25 hours
Arc Arc Forest 7,5 hours 3,75 hours
M’ok M’ok Swamp 2 hours 1 -
Ankree Helim Forest 9 hours 4,5 hours

1. by rowing boat

Kingdom of Arc

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