Hundred Kingdoms

The Hundred Kingdoms

The Hundred Kingdoms in the Scavenger Lands is a collection of small countries with vastly different systems of rulership. There are principalities, autocracies, monarchies and dictatorships as well as republics and democracies. They range from the confluence of Yellow River and the Maruto River all the way to the edge of the Great Eastern Forest.

There is no common denominator for the Hundred Kingdoms and they range in size from just a fortified township to rather mighty kingdoms in their own right. The Hundred Kingdoms are the breadbasket of the Scavenger Lands, much of the grain eaten in the Confederation of Rivers is grown in the Hundred Kingdoms.

Politically the region is completely unstable with small scale wars being constantly fought between neighboring countries. The nation’s armies range from feudal lords leading armies to mostly tribal clans fighting each other. The region is feared by any would-be conquerors, since there is no telling what might be just over the border to the neighboring country.

Hundred Kingdoms

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