Dragon Blooded

The Dragon-Blooded

Also known as the Terrestrial Exalted

General Information

The Dragon-Blooded are the least powerful type of exalted but this doesn’t mean that they are weak in any way. They are still more powerful than any mortal can hope to become. They have all the advantages of being supernatural beings and their powers work exceedingly well together with other terrestrial Exalts. The fact that they are the most numerous type of Exalt is very much in their favor as well.

The Dragon-Blooded are mortals who have received their second breath in early childhood or teen years (later exaltations happen but are quite rare). The terrestrial exaltation is the only type of exaltation that is transferable to the Exalt’s descendants.

The powers of the Dragon-Blooded come from the Elemental Dragons and where originally the foot-soldiers of the celestial exalted, but this fact is suppressed by most Dragon-Bloods today. Dragon-Bloods of the Realm teach that terrestrial exaltation is a blessing from the Immaculate Dragons and is the greatest spiritual state a mortal can achieve.

Every Dragon-Blood has an elemental aspect which powers his abilities and has much influence on his personality and skills. Typical examples for each aspect is also given below:

  • Air Aspect – Knowledge seekers, sorcerer-engineers, criminals, spies, strategists
  • Earth Aspect – Generals, crafters, monks, historians, judges
  • Fire Aspect – Warriors, scholars, officers, socialites, politicians
  • Water Aspect – Martial Artists, magistrates, sailors, bureaucrats, assassins
  • Wood Aspect – Archers, healers, merchants, sybarites, bodyguards, courtiers

Dragon Blooded

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