City of Arc

The City of Arc


The city of Arc is the capital city of the kingdom of Arc. The city is home to roughly 5000 permanent citizens, making it considerably smaller than metropolises such as Nexus and Great Forks. But don’t mistake the small size for lack of pressing issues at hand.

The city is in some turmoil for a number of reasons. The plague that is spreading is causing great fear among the citizens and almost on a daily basis another family is banished for showing signs of infection. The streets are ruled by criminal gangs that are becoming increasingly vicious and numerous on a daily basis. Cultists from the cult of the raven-god are spreading their gospel to the sick and poor. This is of great concern for the lessening worshipers of Hai’ark Shining Towers, city-father of Arc.

Change is coming, whether the city is ready for it or not.


The first thumbnail show that the city is divided into five districts, with two additional districts outside the city walls. The second thumbnail shows the location of interesting landmarks of the city.

The first district that most visitors first enter is the Market District, here people can find most of Arc’s many shops, taverns and tea-houses. The district contains landmarks such as the temple of Hai’ark, city-father of Arc and the home of Scavenger-Lord Kree’s Mansion, one of Arc’s most successful merchant lords, and a former adventurer.

On the western side of Arc lies Hedgetown, a mostly residential district for up and coming artisans and merchants. If visitors come looking for good craftsmanship they visit one of the many exceptional workshops in the district. The district contains landmarks such as the Guild Hall, headquarters for the local branch of the Guild, you can also find Oble’s Mansion in the district, he is the wealthiest merchant in all of the kingdom.

On the south-eastern side of Arc lies the district called Workshop. Here most of the city’s industry is located along with residences of the workers. This is the poorest district in all of Arc, and the filthiest. It is here that the criminal gangs recruit most of their members, giving them hope for a better existence. The only landmark in the district is Salt Hill, the city’s former cemetery that is haunted by hungry ghosts every night.

On the north-east side Ashtown is located. Ashtown is not the real name of the district, but the smoke from the nearby forges of Workshop district has discolored the houses and thus giving it’s new name. This district used to be that which Hedgetown is nowadays, but the wealthy merchants have long since departed, and the district is slowly decaying.

The highest located district is named Arc Heights and is surrounded by a secondary wall separating it from the rest of the city. In the many villas and mansions of this district the noble families of Arc live their lives. Easily the most noticeable landmark in the city is the royal palace of Arc, that stands majestically looking down on the rest of the city.

Districts outside the city walls

The Garrison grounds are located on the north side of the city. Here the soldiers assigned to the defense of the city live whenever they are not patrolling or on military exercise. Most of the barracks are empty now since most soldiers are assigned to the western front toward Helim.

Directly outside the city walls to the south-east of the city the city’s newest district is located. The plague colony has popped up in the last year, and it grows everyday. The tent-camp is populated by the evicted sickly citizens and infected peasants from the countryside seeking help. The city guard rounds up the sick and waits for them to die.

Demographic Information.

Population roughly 5000 citizens
Visitors about 300 on average at any given time
City Guards 30 men at full-time duty
Soldiers 100 men, mostly on guard duty

City of Arc

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