The high

(EXILED) King Harrow – Tyrannical usurper king of the throne.

(DEAD) Counselor Ciro – Right-hand man to the king.

General Sarei – Leader of the armed forces.

Scavenger Lord Oble – The wealthiest man in the kingdom.

The mighty

Aeyun of the Stormwinds – Mysterious sorcerer on the mountain-top.

Hai’ark Shining Towers – The city’s protective god.

Priestess Waila – Lone priestess of the city-father.

Master Ghalian – Leader of the mysterious raven cult.

Ragara Calel Torai – Powerful stranger from a far-away land.

The uncertain

Princess Ami – The beautiful and dangerous princess.

Royal Librarian Naraka – Very old man with a multitude of knowledge.

Former Counselor An’an – Influential man locked up for his opinions.

Entertainer Horitz – Talented entertainer with insight into the court.

Scavenger Lord Kree – Wealthy former adventurer.

Guild Operative Maray – Ambitious operative for the massive organization.

Ambassador Azure Sails – Ambassador from the enemy kingdom.

Merchant Hanno Ammar – Decadent merchant-house owner.

The desperate

(DEAD) Captain Bish – Ruthless bastard on the streets of the city.

Gang leader Nerman Ail – Leader of a feared gang of criminals.

(DEAD) Heinkel Toothless – Long time wanted outlaw.


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