Arc Forest

Arc Forest in south-eastern kingdom of Arc is a deep forest, almost completely untouched by human tools today. The spirits of the forest have become hostile towards human intrusion in later years, and attack any peasant that tries to cut the trees of the forest.

It is said that the King of the forest’s spirit court is the one who has tired of human intrusion into his lands, and has given the right to slay any humans that try to fell his trees without his personal permission, which very few have received.

Those peasant societies near the forest that used to live off logging have been subdued by the forest Spirits demanding tribute and offerings. The Spirits have even gone so far as to demand a single young peasant girl to be sent alone into the forest every year in exchange for the farms not to be devoured by the Spirits.

As usual the pleas from the farmers have fallen on deaf ears in the city of Arc, no one has taken up the villagers cause and make these once peaceful gods complacent again.

Arc Forest

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